What’s Your History?

I was born and raised in the Minnehaha area, and other than brief stays in Portland, Salem, and northern British Columbia, Canada, I’ve lived in Vancouver all my life. And I love it here. Leanne and I were married in 2007 and we’ve been blessed with four beautiful daughters, Kaia, Mabel, Estelle and Rosie. Kaia, born in 2011, lived for only 20 days, and we remain thankful for the time we got to spend with her. Mabel was born in 2013, Estelle in 2015, and Rosie in 2018, and I love being their daddy, with all the wonders and challenges that come along with that role. I spend a lot of my time interacting with clients and training our walkers,  but I also get to do my fair share of dog walking, which I love.


Tell us about your dogs.

We have two Akita’s, Levi and Jada. We got Levi from a shelter in 2009 and he’s been our companion since day one. He’s usually about as calm as a dog gets. He almost never barks, and he loves to lounge around, always waiting for someone to pet him. But as soon as he hears his collar jingle, he starts to jump up and down with excitement. He loves his walks.


Jada is our three year old, and we wonder if she will ever completely grow out of her puppy stage.  She’s always looking to wrestle, run and chase. She loves to play with Levi, and sometimes he loves to play with her, too. Jada is a very loyal dog, and especially loves Leanne and Mabel, since she and Mabel have really grown up together. 


What is your favorite thing about walking dogs?

I love to get outside and walk. I’ve spent a lot of time sitting at a desk, longing to be out in the sunshine. Now I get to be out in the sun all the time, and even the rainy days are usually great, too. I love, too, getting to know the personalities and unique characteristics of each dog. And my favorite thing is helping dogs that are uncertain around new people learn to trust me and be excited for when we come for the walks. 


What experience do you have working with dogs and other animals?

Like many people, I grew up in a home where we always had a dog, so I learned to love dogs from early on. But my real love and experience working with dogs came when we got Levi. He had a lot of great characteristics but also had some significant struggles to overcome. It’s been very fulfilling to see him overcome his dog aggression, to the point where he’s comfortable with just about any dog he meets. Since starting The Vancouver Dog Walkers, my knowledge and experience with all sorts of dogs has grown exponentially, as we’ve worked with so many great pups over the years.


For fun I enjoy…

My biggest hobby is spending time with Leanne, Mabel, Estelle, Rosie, Levi and Jada. But I also love spending time with friends, bbqing, and I’m just a beginner at woodworking. I also do some writing, though I’ve rarely been accused of being great at it. But I have lots of projects in mind for a day when I have extra time.


If you had to eat the same meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?



What is one hope or dream you have for your future?

To be a good husband to Leanne and a good daddy to Mabel, Estelle and Rosie. And maybe finish some of my writing projects, too.

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