VDW Referral Program

We love referrals! We love them so much, that we’ve decided to give a permanent $1 per walk discount for every person you refer who becomes a client. Here’s how it works: 

  • Step 1: Tell a friend about our services. 
  • Step 2: Your friend starts using our services for a minimum of 5 separate visits. 
  • Step 3: You get a $1 discount on every walk we do with your dog forever. 

Additionally, there is no end to the number of discounts you can receive from referrals. If you refer 5 people who end up using our services at least 5 times, you get a $5 discount per walk. So instead of a 30 minute dog walk for one dog costing $20, it would now only cost $15. Forever. The discount never goes away. Theoretically, you could refer so many people to us, that your walks become permanently free! 

The Fine Print on the Referral Program

  • *All Weekend and Evening Dog Walks, including discounted walks, still include a $5 charge. That $5 charge is not subject to the discount.
  • **Discounted and Free Dog Walks limited to one per day, and only five days per week. A second walk in a day, or a sixth walk in a week, would be billed at the regular price. 
  • ***If you refer more people than the total for needed for a free walk, the price for your walks is still free. We won’t pay you when we come walk your dog. But if you’re not careful, we might try to hire you to be our very first salesperson:). 

School Employee Discounts

We recognize that life is expensive. We genuinely would love to be able to walk dogs for free! Although we can’t do that, we do offer a $1 Discount for all K-12 Teachers, Administrators, on other School Staff members.  If that describes you, let us know.

Pre-Payment Discounts

We offer a couple discounts for pre-paying in bulk.

  • 5% Off if you pay for 10 Walks or Potty Breaks in advance.
  • 10% Off if you pay for 20 Walks or Potty Breaks in advance.

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