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Contact Ryan at dogs@vdogwalkers.com or call (360) 450-3647.

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Dog Walking Business Consulting

Are you looking for some help getting your dog walking business up and running? Or do you want a hand taking your business to the next level? Ryan Donovan would be glad to serve you as a guide to help you succeed in the dog walking business.
Ryan has more than seven years of experience in the dog walking industry, having started and grown The Vancouver Dog Walkers, along with his wife, Leanne. They’ve developed the business from the ground floor, to the point where it is a sustainable single family income, while also providing employment for many others.
If you’d be interested, Ryan is available for both Phone Consultations. You can contact Ryan at dogs@vdogwalkers.com 


  • Phone / Skype / Facetime Consultation – $35 for 1.5 hours. 

    • A lot of great work can be accomplished on the phone. If you simply want to talk through some of the challenges you are facing with someone who has faced similar challenges, or if you want someone to ask you the right questions to get you pointed in the right direction, a 1.5 hour phone call could really be a great shot in the arm.
    • Phone consultations can be a one-time opportunity, or you can plan to schedule follow up phone calls as often as would be helpful.