The Vancouver Dog Walkers


The Vancouver Dog Walkers


Honest. Dependable. Love Dogs!

We help your dogs have a HAPPY and HEALTHY life by providing them with needed daytime EXERCISE.

VDW is officially under New Ownership! Kris Padden and Marc Weiner, who are also the owners of K9 to Five Doggy Playcare and Spa, are the new owners of The Vancouver Dog Walkers. Kris is serving as the new Operating Manager, while Marc continues to be the Operating Manager for K9. Marc and Kris both have years of experience serving dogs and their families in Vancouver, and are really excited to be taking on this new dog walking venture!

You can also visit the K9 to Five Website at 

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Services and Prices

5 Minute Backyard Potty Break

  • $10 for 1, 2 or 3 Dogs

15 Minute Dog Walk

  • $16 for 1 Dog
  • $18 for 2 Dogs

30 Minute Dog Walk

  • $20 for 1 Dog
  • $24 for 2 Dogs

45 Minute Dog Walk

  • $24 for 1 Dog
  • $28 for 2 Dogs

60 Minute Dog Walk

  • $28 for 1 Dog
  • $32 for 2 Dogs
(Add $5 for Weekend Walks and Weekday Walks that begin after 5:00 PM.)

Contact Info 

Phone: (360) 450-3647



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