The Vancouver Dog Walkers

The Vancouver Dog Walkers

The Vancouver Dog Walkers


We come to you and walk your dogs in your own neighborhood. 


Whether you are away at work, or you are home but just need a hand, we are glad to help you get your dogs the exercise you want for them. 



1. Set up a FREE CONSULTATION by contacting us. This gives you a chance to get to know us, ask us any questions, and learn more about getting your dogs the exercise they need.

2. As soon as you’re comfortable, we start walking your dogs! It’s really that simple.


If you’d like to set up a free consultation, or if you have further questions about our services, you can contact us via email us at, call us at (360) 450-3647 or you can visit us on Facebook at


We are a licensed and insured business, operating in Vancouver, WA.

Our Core Values. Honesty, Dependability, and Love for Dogs. 


We value honesty in all of our dealings. We don’t cut corners. We understand the trust you are putting in us to come into your home and take care of your dog, so we want our clients to know they are in honest hands as we do that.


We will be there. If we said we would be there to walk your dog, you can count on us to follow through. We make sure to meet our commitments and won’t make promises we can’t follow through on.

Love for Dogs

We love dogs. We enjoy taking great care of them. We enjoy getting to know them and understanding each of their unique personalities and needs.